Faisal Movers Online Booking

Faisal Movers Online Booking

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Faisal Movers online booking is a convenience for passengers who want to book tickets without any effort. In this method, you can purchase a ticket online and then wait for your departure day or time. There is no need to visit the bus terminal physically anymore. However, you need to visit the terminal on the day of your departure.

With the amazing facility, the customers of Faisal Movers are so happy as they can book all tickets online on their couch or bed while doing nothing.

If you also want to know how to book a ticket for the Faisal Movers bus then we have a complete guide for you. Read this article and know about the online booking process.

Faisal Movers Online Booking

Faisal Movers Online Booking Procedure

There are two companies that you can use to buy the Faisal Movers tickets online. However, if you only want to book a seat then you can do it on the helpline or FM contact number as well. We will explain both methods here. Let’s start with a third-party app.

1) Faisal Movers Online Ticket Purchase with Bookkaru or Saststicket

The first method involved a thirst party app like Sastaticket or Bookaru. You need to do this:

  1. Download the Sastaticket or Bookkaru app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Install the app and register an account.
  3. Now you need to open the app and search for the city from where you want to travel and also select the city of departure.
  4. Now move to the next step where you need to choose your bus service type like business class or normal.
  5. Now you need to choose the time and date of your travel. Here you can see what are the dates available for traveling.
  6. In the next step, you also need to choose the seat number from the available seats.
  7. Once you have selected all the details, the next step is to pay for your ticket.
  8. Choose the payment method from the following options:
    1. Credit/Debit Card
    2. JazzCash
    3. EasyPaisa
    4. Bookkaru Wallet
  9. Now proceed to check out and pay for your ticket using your preferred payment option.
  10. Congratulations, your ticket is now booked and you will receive a ticket number that you need to keep safe.

Faisal Movers Booking Via Phone Call

Another method to book your seat is using the helpline number of Faisal Movers. In this way, you can not pay for the ticket but you can book a seat. However, on the day of departure, you need to visit the bus station 30 minutes before the departure of the bus and buy the ticket.

Here is how to book a seat on the phone.

  1. Make a call to the Faisal Movers helpline number.
  2. One of the representatives will join you so you need to ask about the available seats for your desired traveling locations. For example, you can ask the representative if there is any seat available for Faisalabad to Multan on Tuesday.
  3. Once you get a positive reply, you need to tell your CNIC number to the representative so he or she can book your seat.
  4. Now you need to visit the Faisal Movers bus terminal 30 minutes before the departure so that you can buy the ticket and reserve your seat.

How to Make Payment of Faisal Movers Bus Ticket Online?

As we have already mentioned above the Faisal Movers ticket can be booked by the two main third-party apps. However, there are four methods that you can choose when it comes to paying for the ticket online.

  • JazzCash Wallet: If you are using the JazzCash app then you can simply pay for the ticket online using your mobile wallet account.
  • EasyPaisa: Similar to JazzCash, passengers can use the EasyPaisa account to pay for the tickets.
  • Bookkaru/Sastaticket Wallet: Both apps offer their own wallets that you can top up with your debit or credit card. So you can choose this method as well.
  • Debit Card/Credit Card: Lastly, you can choose the debit card or credit card option to pay for your tickets online. Just add your card number and pay for the ticket.


How to book a Faisal Movers ticket online?

You can use third-party apps like Bookkaru or Sastaticket to book FM tickets online.

Is Sastaticket offering a discount on booking a ticket online?

Yes, sometimes you will get a decent discount when you book a ticket online using the Sastaticket app.

How to get a ticket number online?

When you book the ticket online, you will get the ticket number that you need to keep safe as the bus conductor will ask you about it.


Booking a ticket online using Sastaticket or Bookkaru is very easy. Also, sometimes you get a discount on your booking. So enjoy your journey and keep traveling with FM.

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